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Li Bai - A Tang Dynasty Legend & His Poem: 'Drinking Alone Under the Moon'

LiBai (also known as Li Bo, Li Taibai and Li Po) was a Chinese poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). He is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in Chinese literature and has had a profound influence on Chinese culture. He is often referred to as the "immortal poet" for his timeless legacy.

LiBai's style of poetry is characterized by its simplicity, lyricism, and use of imagery. His work often focused on themes of nature, love, and philosophy. He was also known for his skill in composing verses in the ci (song lyric) form. He also wrote many short poems, known as jueju, that express his feelings and ideas in a simple, direct manner. LiBai's influence is still felt today in modern Chinese literature and culture, and he is often referred to as the "father of Chinese poetry".

One of his most famous poems is called “Drinking Alone under the Moon”. The poem is written in the jueju style and describes the poet's solitary experience of drinking under the moonlit sky. It is a poem of contemplation and longing, as the poet muses on the ephemerality of life and beauty. He begins the poem by reflecting on the loneliness of his current situation and expressing a longing for companionship. He then turns his attention to the beauty of the night sky and his appreciation of its wonders. He also expresses his sorrow over the ephemerality of life, and his longing for a lasting companionship. Finally, he expresses his hope that someday he will find someone to share his life with. The poem is a beautiful and timeless expression of LiBai's thoughts and feelings and is still widely read and appreciated today.

Calligraphy & Wine

Li Bai's 'Drinking Alone Under the Moon'

Wednesday, March 8, 6:30-8:30pm


Join Sean Laoshi as we explore the timeless poetry of the legendary Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai. In this 2 hour seminar, students will sip wine while learning about this Tang Dynasty master, unlock the keys to beautiful calligraphy, and finally produce their own take-home copy of Drinking Alone Under the Moon.

We have been hoping to teach this poem for several years and we can't wait to get started!

Seating is limited so please email Daphne right away to ensure your spot.

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