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Manhattan Mandarin Travel

Back To China!

Join our team of Manhattan Mandarin teachers on a once in a lifetime trip to China. We know how to make the most of traveling through China and are ready to deliver a journey tailor made for you, your family, your students, or your school.  


The Ultimate in Customized China Travel

Tailor-made trips allow you to experience China in style and comfort. From pre-departure classes to Hangzhou tea farms, every detail is anticipated and every effort is made to ensure a seamless, unforgettable China experience. 


Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai - Beijing - Xi'an​


Leave the Planning to the 'Old China Hands'

We don't hire travel consultants. Everything we know about China was learned firsthand. When you book a trip with Manhattan Mandarin Travel, you are booking it with the founders. 

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Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai - Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Chengdu​


Local Guides

Why ruin a trip with a local guide? We only use friends and partners we've known for years who are sure to entertain, deliver local tips, and always point us in the right direction. 

Fam in China.jpg

Family Tours

Have your family join our family for an unforgettable trip to China. We have family friendly activities planned throughout the country for all ages and Mandarin levels. 

Mandarin lessons are available throughout the trip for you and your children. We are teachers at heart and love teaching on the go. 


Food & Food!

We don't eat with other tourists. We feast at restaurants we know and love! In fact, we have an entire team in China dedicated to keeping us stay up-to-date with the best new restaurants in each city. 


Immersion Excursion

High school students can expect to come away from a Manhattan Mandarin Immersion Excursion learning a full year of high school Mandarin in just 2-3 weeks. Speaking and listening skills will sky rocket. Come back to school with way more confidence in your skills. 

Teaching Mandarin is what we do best but we don't let it get in the way of our travel. We've done classes on the Great Wall, in the Forbidden City, on the tea fields of Hangzhou.



Education is always at the heart of what we do. Teaching on the go with lessons specific to each destination keeps our travelers engaged and confident in trying out their Mandarin. 


School Tours

Teachers! Stop wasting your time planning your summer or Spring Break trip. Let us handle the hassle and allow you to concentrate on your job. 

Our tour leaders have been leading school trips to China since 2010 and know what parents, students, and schools expect. We will handle all the details and make sure the parents, administration, and students are safe and sound on their amazing journey. 

"My 14 year old daughter had an incredible experience. She became a more fluent speaker of Mandarin and a more confident traveler. Having navigated 4 cities in 15 days in China, she can now travel anywhere in the world. The itinerary, that had both academic cultural components, was well vetted. Jamie and Harry were energetic, thoughtful and humorous, and took great care of their charges.  I’m just sorry I didn’t go!"

Sam F. / Buckley

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