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Austin's Top 5 Authentic Chinese Eateries: A Personal Journey

Austin, TX, a city celebrated for its eclectic food scene, harbors some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants outside of China. This guide is a personal journey through my top 5 favorites, each offering a unique window into the rich tapestry of Chinese culinary traditions.

Bamboo House / 竹苑

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Bamboo House is a gem for those in search of the quintessential Beijing Duck experience. The ambiance transports you to a traditional Chinese courtyard, setting the stage for a culinary voyage. The Beijing Duck here is unparalleled in ATX, boasting crispy skin and succulent meat, served alongside delicate pancakes and all the classic accompaniments. Beyond the duck, the menu is a treasure trove of flavors, from spicy Szechuan dishes to comforting dim sum.

House of Three Gorges / 三峡人家

A dive into the culinary depths of the Yangtze River region, House of Three Gorges offers a taste of the lesser-known, yet profoundly flavorful dishes of Central China. The 毛血旺 (Mao Xue Wang), a spicy and hearty dish, is a standout, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to authenticity and quality. The menu is a mosaic of Sichuan and Hubei specialties, each dish a narrative of the region's culinary history.

Chef Hong / 北方小馆

Chef Hong brings to Austin a rare find in the realm of Northern Chinese cuisine: 凉皮 (Liang Pi) and 肉夹馍 (Rou Jia Mo). This cozy eatery, with its unassuming charm, offers a slice of Xi'an street food culture. The Liang Pi is refreshingly tangy and spicy, while the Rou Jia Mo, often dubbed the Chinese hamburger, features tender, flavorful pork encased in a crispy bun.

Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings

For dumpling aficionados, Taste of Home is a sanctuary. The dumplings, handcrafted with meticulous care, are a cut above the rest in Austin. Notably, the 皮冻 (Pork Aspic) dumplings are a rare delicacy, offering a unique texture and flavor that are hard to find elsewhere. The menu’s variety, coupled with the restaurant's warm, inviting atmosphere, makes it a must-visit for those seeking comfort and quality in every bite.

Camino Alamo BBQ

Camino Alamo BBQ offers a foray into the world of Chinese Shao Kao (barbecue). It stands out not just for its authenticity but for the sheer pleasure of its smoky, spicy skewers, ranging from lamb to seafood, all seasoned with a blend of spices that pay homage to traditional Chinese barbecue. The laid-back, communal dining experience adds to its charm, making it a perfect spot for gatherings with friends and family.


These five restaurants embody the essence of Chinese cuisine in Austin, TX, each offering a distinct flavor, ambiance, and culinary tradition. Whether you're a devout foodie or a curious explorer, these eateries promise an authentic taste of China's vast culinary landscape, right here in the heart of Texas.

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