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GCSE Mandarin Tutoring

For non-native speakers, GCSE Mandarin Chinese can be quite daunting. Have no fear!

Our highly selective team of native and non-native speaking GCSE Mandarin Chinese tutors works together

to ensure your child is fully prepared with confidence come test-day.

We organize a free trial lesson to pair your child with the perfect teacher from our team.

After the trial lesson, we identify which aspects of the four-component GCSE Mandarin test (writing, reading, listening, speaking) require the most improvement, and work with your tutor to put together the best short or long-term curriculum for test preparation. 


Once your GCSE Mandarin tutoring sessions are underway, we happily remain available for round the clock support to make sure your child is benefiting as much as possible from his or her lessons.

Manhattan Mandarin provides all GCSE Mandarin textbook, workbook, and supplementary material needed. 

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